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Driven by passion for quality, we ensure everything sold is in line with our solid mantra , "Delivering a Life Experience" both for consumers and sellers. Our goal is for customer to not only purchase goods but to also get a life experience by earning redeemable points that will enable you to shop more. You will be able to find new or used, cheap or luxurious, coomon things or rare, trendy or vintage – as long as it exist 'mostly' in Africa, you will find it on Orion Shop.

Our mission is to be Africa’s go-to destination for anything and everything on sale.

We also seek to empower the sellers, business people, entrepreneurs and local retailers with a turn-key solution, to support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. We measure our success by our customers' success.

We aim to boost merchants to succeed and not competing with them creating a powerful synergy.

Our platform is a flexible, mobile and secure system to help people make something out of nothing. Several individuals are now selling what they don't need through Orion Shop.

We are about the people, the community and technology.

Your goods go all the way across Africa and beyond.

Through our extraordinary News Servive The Orion Africa we reach people from all walks of life making an massive impact in Kenya, East Africa, Africa and globally. Thousands of brands trust us so start selling with us today.

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