Our website has made available statements detailing the goals, master plans, ambitions, expectaions, integrity and our overall objectives.  The provided statements and information depicts our management's current expectaion and development of events in the near future, however all or part is expected to change without outside consultation or notice for the better and an effort to grow our business, to ensure a strong and sustainable performance. 
Due to changes in overall Local markets, International financial crisis and African economic conditions we might experience evident changes, pricing shifts, loyalty program and delivery timelines. In a lighter note it is highly advisable due to the many risks and uncertainties, not to put undue reliance on these statements. Our strategies mentioned herein are not to be confused as projections, or exact figure of the company's future performance. But they are a strong sign of our believe in the successful implementation of all our business strategies. The company may be unsuccessful in implementing it business strategies, and management may fail to achieve it targets. The Company is under no obligation -- and expressly disclaims any such obligation -- to update or alter its forward-looking statements. The information contained in this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as a recommendation, solicitation or request for the purchase of or trade in any securities or financial products.
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